Anyway, what should we call this? The Swedish Log Candle, the Indian or Finnish Candle, the Ligurian Lantern, the Siberian or Russian Torch? It has many names – you can just choose the name you like the most – for they all mean the same.

It is known that during the Thirty Years’ War in Europe (1618 - 1648) soldiers used these torches for heating, lighting and cooking. In Siberia hunters still use them, making them on site in order not to drag mobile kitchens with them.

Now it has become an integral leisure attribute. It is very simple to use; it is easily kindled and burns for at least 2 hours. No matter where you go – a picnic or you are in for a get-together with your family or friends on the terrace, this torch will become a fascinating leisure attribute and create a unique atmosphere of comfort.